Scariest and Interesting Horror Film Info

Scariest and Interesting Horror Film Info

This time, we will discuss info on the list of the scariest and most interesting horror films at the moment. So, for those of you who are curious, what are the recommendations for these horror films? The following are recommendations for the scariest horror films based on true stories and can give you goosebumps until your dreams come true. The following is a list of the scariest movies according to

The Thing (1982)

This old horror film, released in 1982, presents many strange monsters in disgusting forms. Be careful if you want to see it because there are many scenes that make you sick!

Sinister (2012)

The Sinister film, which was released in 2012, tells the story of the Ellison Oswalt family who has just moved house. Initially, Ellison found an old tape containing sadistic murders. He was curious and tried to find out more about the recording of the murder.

Unknowingly, Ellison turns out to make his own family the next target of murder from a demonic figure. From then on, he started to get scared and a gripping terror began to appear in Ellison’s house. Until finally, Ellison decided to burn the videotape he found and invited his family to move house. But as it turned out, the demon’s terror did not stop immediately, and even continued to follow Ellison and his family to a new home.

The Amityville Horror (1979)

the amityville horror film in 1979 is one of the classic horror films and of course the best among all its adaptations, both sequels and remakes. Yes, this film adaptation of a true story has been made several times, but the Amityville horror in 1979 was quite successful.

This 70’s horror storytelling style is on par with other classic horrors, such as the exorcist (1973) or the omen (1976), but presented in a realistic horror narrative, so it’s worth enjoying. It’s no wonder that the Amityville horror film is one of the recommendations for the scariest horror films, which you really don’t want to miss.

The Conjuring (2013)

This best horror film, which is still phenomenal, earned a gross profit of USD 318 million from a production budget of only USD 20 million. Appointed based on a true story, The Conjuring has also become one of the best-selling and best horror films of all time.

This film tells the story of the most difficult case ever handled by a famous psychic couple in America, namely Ed and Lorraine Warren. They have to deal with the case of the Peron family who occupy a haunted house.

After investigation, it turns out that in the 18th century this house was inhabited by a witch named Bathsheba who had the heart to kill her own child as a sacrifice to the devil. Bathsheba also cursed that anyone who lived in her house would die by suicide or be killed.

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